Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Desert Center, CA


April 6, 2024


Class Result Video
Formula Middleweight (Saturday) 32nd Video
Supersport Middleweight (Saturday) 19th Video
Supersport Middleweight (Sunday) 26th Video
Formula Middleweight (Sunday) 14th Video


Like last year I started my season off by a road trip to the middle of the desert. The Desert Center, if you will. This is my second visit to Chuckwalla and it was once again a heck of a good time.

I was able to get up to speed a bit faster than last time thanks to not being the first visit. Chuckwalla is unique to the tracks I race at as it is really rewards roll speed. This is part of why I like coming down. It helps me to work on things that I don’t really work on in the Pacific Northwest. By the end of Friday my laptimes were pretty on par with the times I was running last year.

I’d have two races each day which worked out to be a reasonable amount of track time. I’m a pretty good starter and I knew what I was getting into. The Chuckwalla starting grid gets pretty crowded but I knew this coming in which helped remove some hesitation from how I start as well.

While my overall results aren’t too impressive, I was running far better times, far more consistently. The next closest racer was 4 seconds a lap faster from the group I was at the front of so I’ll need to find the next leap forward on my own.

I’m glad I took the time to take this journey and to go to YCRS before we start in earnest in the Pacific Northwest for OMRRA/WMRRA. I’m hoping that this helps me make another advancement in my riding.