Photo by Stevenson Foto


Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA


September 11, 2021


Class Result Video
600 SBK 13th Video
600 SS 13th Video


Well, the last round of WMRRA 2021 is complete. It was at Pacific Raceways, much fun was had, and both of the Short Fuse Racing novices have graduated and entered the fold of expert racers.


While we race at better tracks, Pacific Raceways has a special place in my heart. It was the first race track I rode a motorcycle on, it has the feel of a back country road, and it has a flow that the other tracks we ride at can’t quite match. Sure, there is limited runoff, a blackberry patch you can toss your bike into, and a bit more airfence than I’d like, but I love it nonetheless.


Without a track day to run myself and the bike in a bit, I was expecting to have a mediocre qualifying performance. It wasn’t the worst, but I was only able to manage 3rd and 4th row starts. My starts are good though, so I figure this is alright.

600 SS

My first race of the weekend is 600SS. I got a great start, but definitely overslowed turn 2. Some folks get around but I slot in. I spend the race with Zac Smith just in front. I tried to get around a few times but Zac had my number. For good measure Matthew White was also on my butt. He passed me no less than 3 times into the bus stop and made me work for my finishing place in front of him.

600 SBK

600 SBK was shockingly like 600SS. I got a good start, Zac Smith was in front of me, and I saw Matthew Smiths wheel more than I’d like to. For those wondering the number of times I’d like to see his wheel. Zero. #Goals.


There was rain forecasted for the early morning, but I figured, as I think most of the paddock did, that it would dry up for race time. Well… We were wrong.

I had left my rains at home, which was mistake one. Though my novice Hunter had agreed, very graciously, to let me go out on his rain prepped R6 for qualifying. Unfortunately Hunter ran into a problem with shifting and I wasn’t able to take advantage of his generosity. I gridded by points, which put me at the front of the folks that didn’t go on track. That wasn’t as bad I figured it would be so maybe that was a lucky break.

Unfortunately, as stated above, the rain didn’t really stop. As I didn’t want two sets of rains, even though I am sure my good friend Kumpy Kump at Kump Racing would have been happy to help me out, I decided not to race on my slicks.

I stayed around to watch the novices race their last round of 2021 and of course by then the pavement had dried up; the irony here being that Hunter Fitch, my novice, left his rains on. He wasn’t going to be surprised by some rain, that is for sure.

It was a solid season of racing with some ups and down. On the positive my bike and I are in good shape and I am thinking about next season already. Thanks to my wife, my Short Fuse Teammates. Track Time and Ken Hill for the support, Kumpy Kump for the sticky tires, and the entire WMRRA club and volunteers.

See y’all in 2022.

Photo by Stevenson Foto