The Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton, WA


August 17-18, 2019


Class Result Video
600 Sportsman - Saturday 10th Video
600 SS 21st Video
600 SBK 20th Video
600 Classic SBK 9th Video
600 Sportsman - Sunday 8th Video


WMRRA Round 4 brought gorgeous weather, new lap records for the Formula Ultra rider Adam Robarts, and opportunities for me to dice with other riders.

I have been making small gains in my lap times as of late which is great after some stagnation the past few rounds. I can pretty consistently run 1:55s at The Ridge and managed some lower times even (1:53). My next step is to make that repeatable so I can find another improvement.

Even though my times aren’t quite down where I would like them there are some other riders in the same area time wise. This gave me some opportunities to work on racecraft and observe some other lines.

Even though I was only signed up for Saturday, I had so much fun dicing with other riders I came back. After Zack Reeder took the risk and joined up for 600SS and 600SBK I thought I owed it to him to come play some more. While Sunday wasn’t the best day of racing, filled with a rather red-flaggy sportsman race, I am happy I came back to the Shire and put in the work for two more races.

I want to thank my wife for crew chiefing all weekend and keeping things in order in my pit. My bike and I were always set to go and it is nice to not have to worry about any of it. I also want to thank the WMRRA staff. For being out of this for a couple of months, y’all did a great job running the show.

Round 5 is only a few weeks away and you better bet I will be there. See you then.