The Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton, WA


August 18-19, 2018


Class Result Video
Clubman Qualifier - Sunday 5th Video
600 Open Classic SBK 5th Video
600SS 19th Video
Clubman Qualifier - Saturday 23rd Video


This round at the Ridge brought me some race improvements I have been working to find for a while. I smashed my personal best lap times and was able to put in some good racing. The grids were reasonably sized and the company as usual was excellent with the WMRRA paddock.

My first race of the weekend was Clubman Qualifier on Saturday. I started from the 3rd row, got a reasonable start, and slotted in to 6th place. Hesitance on my part allowed two riders around me and knocked me back to 8th. Something clicked and I was racing. I put in a few laps in the 1:52s, besting my previous best times, and spent the next 5 laps doing everything I could to move up the grid. I found myself in 4th place behind another rider on the final lap. I would spend the final lap looking for every opportunity I could to get on the box. In turn 13, I tried to make a block pass from a bit back but I overcooked it. I had to ride a stoppie to the edge of the track and take the run off. I got a point for my efforts but the reward of seeing the improvements in my racecraft were worth way more.

My results in 600 SS were not as remarkable, but my laptimes were on par with my Clubman results.

On Sunday the day began with 600 Classic Superbike. I got a decent launch off the grid, but got excited and wheelied a little costing myself drive. I had to fight to work my way up the grid to manage a 5th place. I got caught up with traffic from the Open GP Twins race and ended up losing 2 places near the end of the race again to caution. I need to work on taking more opportunities when they arise. I did drop my laptimes again, running 1:51s during the race.

The final race of the weekend would be the 2nd Clubman Qualifier race. People had brought their A game. I ran a good pace, but the few guys at the front were on fire. CJ Hobbs managed to break out on his new R1, and Ryan Cresap behind him was very close to being too quick.

This was a great weekend with some great individuals. It is unfortunately my last round of the season but it was a great way to end the season. Looking forward to more close racing in 2019.